Sefa Construction was established in 1977 as a family company and since its founding, it has invested in real estate in many parts of the country today. Our company, which mainly produces luxury residence in decent neighborhoods with build-and-sell method, has also made and continues to make private construction contracts and business centers. Our company, which deals with the requirements of rapidly changing technology and socio-cultural environment with the most innovative original styles and designs, contributes to healthy urban transformation with contemporary structures; is a branded construction company with its professional management, fast organizational structure and experienced technical staff. Sefa Construction, which deals with every commitment with a different excitement and quality horizon, is always focused on pursuing the better. Being aware of the responsibilities that it carries as a construction company, our firm attaches importance to the standardization at the work level with its functionality, robustness and aesthetics. Our company aims at seamless, secure and profitable relationships with all its customers and business partners with honesty, customer satisfaction, continuity, innovation and superior quality.